Raw Rose Quartz


As the"The Stone of Unconditional Love", it really has it's work cut out for it, which is why it needs to be discharged under running water once a week. 

It helps release unexpressed emotions and deep seated heart ache while drawing in love and harmony. It's a helpful stone to have during traumatic times and is especially good for mid life crisis as it stabilizes emotions and allows one to look at circumstances objectively.

My go to meditation stone to figure out where I am holding onto negative emotion, I hold it while inhaling deeply, then after exhaling all the air from my lungs, I stay in that stillness for a few beats and allow my body to tell me it is feeling blocked. Then I inhale deeply into the block, holding the stone over the area. 

I also like to place raw pieces in rooms to keep the love vibes strong!

Chakra: Heart

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