Crystal Meanings

green agate - protects from misfortune, brings good fortune, generosity

amber - success, good luck, purification, draws negative energy out of the body

peridot - heart cleansing, confidence

bloodstone - abundance, generosity, purifies and fortifies the blood

citrine - called  "the merchant's stone" because historically it was widely kept in cash registers by shop keepers to attract money. attracts success and wealth.

rose quartz - the stone of unconditional love. attracts love and releases pent up emotions or grief

lepidolite - the stone of transition. helps release old patterns, reduces stress and depression. mood stabilizing 

rhodochrosite - stone of love and balance. helps heal the heart and enhances love on all levels. promotes self love and self acceptance. 

pearl - wisdom, hormone balance, increased fertility

moonstone - promotes hormonal balance in women and aids fertility. a protection stone for travelers. stimulates the kundalini energy in women and helps with emotional balance in men

garnet - protection, loyalty, regeneration, vitality. 

turquoise - luck, good fortune, considered to be a "stone of heaven" by some native americans who believe it to aid in building a spiritual bridge of communication with the psychic world. 

tigers eye - courage, enhances inner vision and determination

lapis lazuli - manifestation

amethyst - health/healing

aquamarine - courage

lemon quartz - positivity

unakite - benefits female reproductive system is considered to be very helpful for pregnancy and childbirth. 

smokey quartz - grounding

kyanite- balances chakras, brings tranquility

labradorite - stability

aventurine - called "the stone of oppourtunity" brings calm and balance. helps friendships

iolite - brings harmony and connects to higher self.
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